New Dude on LexieNet!

Hello readers of LexieNet like the title says im the new “dude” of this blog in other words another author that will be posting random stuff from time to time when i don’t have anything better to do^^

So you dont all feel like im just some random stranger that’s typing a lot but you don’t realy know who i am i shall make a little introduction about myself (:

Im 20+ and im European i come from a country called Slovenia its a realy tiny piece of land on the map if you look at it o.o but! don’t let the size fool you we’re pretty amazing as some people that came here say, i for myself am looking forward  to move away from here because well there is another place i’d like to be 🙂 so to not go on and about it i’ll just post a link and you can read about it =)

So…time for more about me?..yes!

Ok my free time i rant a lot(as we can see right here) i play online games mostly World of Warcraft aaaand! im a movie freak..yes a complete movie nerd/freak/geek give me a movie to watch aslong as it’s one i haven’t seen i’ll sit and not move until its over! >.< besides me being a “nerd” and doing “nerdy” stuffage i also spend a lot of time with my special someone (wich you can’t know who she is because like i said she’s…SPECIAL o.o)aaaand..thats about everything i can think of right now if i remember anything else i shall add it because as we know i have the super power of an author wich lets me do that!

Lators! (:


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