My Future is barely starting!

Here i go now! It’s time for my future to start :3

We always have a plan … could be to get married and have kids before 24 or have a successful job by 30… we don’t know whats gonna happen.. most people dont even plan,  why bother right? we can’t write our own destiny-…  or can we?…

Ever since I was 9, I wanted to be a Doctor. It all started when I watched Star Trek -as funny as that may sound- when Commander Beverly Crusher, M.D., from Star Trek Next Generation, showed up. There was something about medicine and technology that lured me to my future… something about mixing these two things just felt right! (is that nerdy and geeky enough or what XD)

And its happening! 🙂 I’m almost done with medicine after 5 years! only a few months left (technically 3) and ill be practically living in a hospital! To be honest.. I CAN’T WAIT!!