Spinach Recipe!!!! Receta de Espinacas!!!!

Yes i get it!… we dont all like spinach.. but try this!! ūüôā

Si entiendo!.. no a todos les gusta las espinacas… pero intenten esto!


schizophrenia!! o.o

ill never forget the first patient i had with¬†schizophrenia‚Ķ she was in her 19¬†years and she showed the typical¬†symptoms¬†of¬†schizophrenia;¬†hallucination, ¬†delirant ideas and disorganized conduct.¬†She spoke about “the enemy” that told her to do bad things, such as breaking things, yelling at people and even try to kill her siblings.

She seemed like a nice girl with a sweet smile yet her eyes seemed to be looking at someone that¬†wasn’t¬†there from time to time. Made me wonder if ¬†“the enemy” was there.¬†In medicine we say that¬†schizophrenia¬†is caused when the chemistry in brain isn’t right. Gives the¬†illusion¬†that the¬†schizophrenia¬†has their mind in a paralel world that we cant seem to escape.