Doctor day!

Congrats to all my fellow doctors out there. Feel accomplished to be in a field that takes patients, courage and discipline to an extreme.

Felicidades a todos mis colegas medicos. Siéntanse orgullosos de estar en una carrera que lleva la paciencia, valor y disciplina a un extremo.


WordPress on a tablet o.O

So I recently downloaded the app wordpresd for my tablet.. I tries blogger too for my other blog on blogspot.. sadly only the app for wordpress works. For some reason blogger app closes or it only daves as draft and can not make a podt, keeps saying server down after u tap on the publish button, so ill stick with wordpreds tyvm. I even like it more than blogspot 🙂


Here are some other apps that did not work for blogspot. (I thought a 3rd party would work..)

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