Working on Dec. 27

Thought i write a quick journal-like entry;:

December 27 -working on holidays-
7:18am.  Got here a bit late, no one noticed.
7:39am. First patient of the day came in for a Plantar Fascitis, and left with good old muscle relaxants.
8:23am. Patient came in with ansiety attach, had taken medication that affects the nervous systm.
8:38am. Cute old lady patient came in to get her blood pressure checked, noithing relevant there…
8:40am. Three workers came to get their Height Work Permit checked, had to evaluate them with specific tests.
9:o6am. Two other workers showd up to get checked… they got in late.. lucky hehe.
11:39am. So far treated 5 new patients, and given 2 inyections. Found out I might leave early nothing for sure.
11:50am. Decided to fix medications and move some boxes around.  The joy….
6:00pm. running home.


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