Working on Dec. 27

Thought i write a quick journal-like entry;:

December 27 -working on holidays-
7:18am.  Got here a bit late, no one noticed.
7:39am. First patient of the day came in for a Plantar Fascitis, and left with good old muscle relaxants.
8:23am. Patient came in with ansiety attach, had taken medication that affects the nervous systm.
8:38am. Cute old lady patient came in to get her blood pressure checked, noithing relevant there…
8:40am. Three workers came to get their Height Work Permit checked, had to evaluate them with specific tests.
9:o6am. Two other workers showd up to get checked… they got in late.. lucky hehe.
11:39am. So far treated 5 new patients, and given 2 inyections. Found out I might leave early nothing for sure.
11:50am. Decided to fix medications and move some boxes around.  The joy….
6:00pm. running home.


New Server.. Zul’Jin

So its hard to really know what World of warcraft Server is the best or the right one. So i decided to almost test them all… till I found Zul’jin.



Lots of people playing, good place to start new characters and do dungeons.


Life Plan – UK, Residency, GMC. (Part 1)

So this is a summary of my life plan.

keep-calm-and-travel-to-uk-2First of all, I finished Med School (yay!). So, now what? … Well I plan to do my residency in Paediatric Surgery or Cardiology. I want to do them in the UK.

Why the UK? They have different and better opportunities for anyone in the medical field. The teaching methods and technics are different from what I know. And they also have better jobs and a different lifestyle.

Things I or anyone would needs to move to the UK:

  • Have papers in order and apostle them. (from birth certificate to school history/education)
  • Translate documents in english, if needed.
  • Reach out to the GMC to get a “license” to practice
  • If in a non-english speaking country then take an english test that is pointed out in the GMC website.
  • Find or look for a job in the registry.
  • Get a visa for the UK (if needed)

Second, getting the right income to be able to execute the plan and still have enough to survive. It is a challenge but its doable…  I am stuck on this part…. will update soon on how this turns out.

WordPress on a tablet o.O

So I recently downloaded the app wordpresd for my tablet.. I tries blogger too for my other blog on blogspot.. sadly only the app for wordpress works. For some reason blogger app closes or it only daves as draft and can not make a podt, keeps saying server down after u tap on the publish button, so ill stick with wordpreds tyvm. I even like it more than blogspot 🙂


Here are some other apps that did not work for blogspot. (I thought a 3rd party would work..)

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