A Sunday as a General Doctor

In the morning:  Started off getting to the consult by bus. I love going on the bus, you tend to see different people doing AND getting to different places. -Nothing out of the ordinary ont the bus this fine Sunday-

Once at the consult, I started my duty by checking if anything needs cleaning, I was told on my early years in medical school that it is important to keep your consult neat.



After fixing the exploration bed and cleaning my desk I proceed to check my equipment to see if everything has batteries and works fine.


Once finished I was interrupted  by a few patients -since its sunday i onky get around 12 or so throughout the day-. I’ve only been here for around 10 days, and seen 277 patients. Different ages and with different illnesses. Out of those 277 patients I’ve given around 77 injections consisting in antibiotics  and painkillers. So i must say I am glad i learned how yo give injection  in my internship.


The toughest injection i had to do occurred at 1:33pm a tiny patient of 1 year of age, had to have an injection  of penicillin of 400,000U …. – yeah… poor baby- i tried my best to do it fast but gently, a good technic is to have the mother rest the child on her lap facing down on their tummy and bending their leg in an L position, this helps the muscle relax a bit so you can quickly inject the child.

So what will I do if i dont have any patiens… well either read or write more blog posts about random things. Kthxbye.:mrgreen:🏥


Life Plan – UK, Residency, GMC. (Part 1)

So this is a summary of my life plan.

keep-calm-and-travel-to-uk-2First of all, I finished Med School (yay!). So, now what? … Well I plan to do my residency in Paediatric Surgery or Cardiology. I want to do them in the UK.

Why the UK? They have different and better opportunities for anyone in the medical field. The teaching methods and technics are different from what I know. And they also have better jobs and a different lifestyle.

Things I or anyone would needs to move to the UK:

  • Have papers in order and apostle them. (from birth certificate to school history/education)
  • Translate documents in english, if needed.
  • Reach out to the GMC to get a “license” to practice
  • If in a non-english speaking country then take an english test that is pointed out in the GMC website.
  • Find or look for a job in the registry.
  • Get a visa for the UK (if needed)

Second, getting the right income to be able to execute the plan and still have enough to survive. It is a challenge but its doable…  I am stuck on this part…. will update soon on how this turns out.


Que es un QUARK? Segun Wiki:

los quarks, junto con los leptones, son los constituyentes fundamentales de la materia. Varias especies de quarks se combinan de manera específica para formar partículas tales como protonesneutrones.

Que es QUARKS M?

Es un grupo de estudiantes y doctores especialistas en diversas materias que procuran proporcionar información en el ciberespacio en nuestro idioma. El grupo oficial se puede encontrar en: FaceBook Quarks M

Se escogió QUARKS M por que quarks es la una de las parte fundamentales de la materia y la M es de médicos.  En otras palabras somos  un grupo pequeños como los quarks pero al mismo tiempo somos (o tratamos de ser) parte  del conocimiento.